Melinda R. Cordell (rosefiend) wrote,
Melinda R. Cordell

On the road again (or I will be soon).

I'm heading back to Hamline to be a grad assistant, so I'll be hitting the road here in a few days. Excited and nervous, both. I like to see my writing buds, but I do hate to leave my little family. The best damn family there ever was and I don't know how we could have come up with a better one without using supernatural powers. It's going to be rough without them, but I will have to persevere. I am going to Hamline to serve and help everybody out and by dog that's what I'm going to do. I'm crazy about those guys, too, and it will be very good to see everybody again.

I have some workshop pieces to go through for Hamline and I also need to get my 15-20 minute reading selection ready to go. I know what I want to read, but I haven't read through it all yet. Probably had better get on both!

Still waiting back on word for my Civil War chapter and a couple of magazine articles and also a few queries I sent out for Shy Gal. Boy, I hate sending stuff out in summer, I really do. As the song says, the waiting is the hardest part.

I hope everybody is staying cool out there!

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